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twoonefour icons

just another thing that I have yet to fathom

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This is the graphics journal of Rissa, a member of the Supporters of the Heaving Cleavage and the Blinding Lipgloss! Feel free to look around and take the stuff you like. You're also more than welcome to friend the journal, and if you have any questions/suggestions/etc. just drop me a comment anywhere.

Supporters of the Heaving Cleavage and the Blinding Lipgloss!

the rules are pretty simple:

+ credit and comments are appreciated ♥
+ please do not claim the icons as your own.
+ please do not hotlink
+ please do not post on xanga
+ please do not alter. ( tell me if you want to add stuff (text, style, etc.) on the icon and i'll try my best do it for you.)
+ please only request when i do request posts. in an ordinary icon post, i will only entertain the requests for variations of an icon. (example: can i have the icon without text? )
+ feel free to Add as a Friend or watch ♥

+ layout modified from the overrides made by thefulcrum
+ Resources over here

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